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Tagve Bidet Jet Sprayer – Shower Shattaf Travel Bath Washing Toilet Hygiene Gun Spray

The bidet sprayer is made of high quality and lightweight ABS material, with galvanized process, exquisite and beautiful appearance. The

Tagve Bidet Sprayer Shower Head Water Nozzle Sprinkler Chrome Plated

FOR PERFORMANCE & QUALITY – Tagve hand held bidet sprayer is engineered from SOLID stainless steel. Simply attach to the

Tagve Handheld Bidet Health Faucet Toilet Wash Jet Spray Shower Head

This bidet sprayer by Tagve is made of high quality ABS material, eco-friendly, durable to use. Extremely high quality handheld

Tagve Handheld Bidet Sprayer Set with Dual Mode Spray Head (Jet/Stream) Sliding Switch

Unlike lever-operated bidet sprayers, this sliding-switch sprayer does not require you to keep pressing the lever with your finger when